About Me

Over the past thirty years I studied and practiced many exercise modalities and learned valuable insights from each one. I took what I thought was valuable and left what didn’t work for me behind. I don’t want to spend more time exercising than I need to and neither should you.

I started practicing yoga over thirty five years ago. I fell in love with the way the movement made my body feel, the calm it provided for my mind, and the connection with a community of people who wanted more peace in their lives. Unfortunately, yoga was a double-edged sword and what I trusted to help me also hurt me. I developed two compressed discs in my neck from doing headstands, and I over-stretched the ligaments in my sacroiliac joint. My whole left side went offline and I experienced pain and dysfunction for many years.

I didn’t give up. I kept asking questions about how the yoga postures worked. I wanted to understand the anatomy, the biomechanics and how they impacted my nervous system. Unfortunately I couldn’t find answers to my questions so I went on a different path.

My long journey took me to massage school, continued study of yoga and two Pilates certifications, first through Stott Pilates, and then the famous Long Beach Dance Pilates Leadership training with Marie Jose Blom. I did two years of Feldenkrais somatic training and most recently completed cutting-edge myofascial movement training with the Swiss movement educator Art of Motion.

Throughout that time I learned ways of using movement and exercise as bodywork to help people connect with their bodies and reactivate dormant muscles that don’t provide the right amount of support to joints when they move, which is the source of most pain, sports related injuries, and dysfunction.

I now practice and teach a compilation of over thirty years of study that will help you learn to manage your body and help improve their health-span.

My Program

What I want to offer is an efficient science-based program that will help you reconnect to your body through pilates and yoga classes. I offer this practice in the form of online yoga and pilates classes as well as therapeutic exercise workshops that focus on problem areas of the body.

In the future I will be sending out “news you can use” about your body and also notifications of upcoming my offerings.

Stay tuned and welcome to my community for yoga and Pilates.