Movement Program

There is a method to the design of my work: first and foremost it is meant to teach you about your own body. In the classes and workshops I will break down movements into progressive learnable skills that will help you achieve mind-body mastery.

I offer a series of general movement classes that focus on a specific theme, such as: Pilates Basics, Pilates Plus, Yoga Plus, and Somatics. I also offer specialized workshops where you can develop specific skills, such as: core engagement, shoulder stability, and ankle stability.

You may start in a general class and then find that some movements are difficult due to pain or dysfunction. At this point you have two options: you can book private Movement Remedy sessions with me, or you can enrol in one of the special interest workshops. I am committed to helping you figure it out. 

Flowchart that describes classes in the movement program


General Classes

Yoga Plus

Pilates Basics

Pilates Plus


Specialized Workshops

Please check the schedule for the next workshop

Fix Your Hips

Fix Your Feet

Core Sense