4 Exercises for Stress-free Neck and Shoulders

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I will help you regain and or retain your vitality and resilience through movement that reawakens mind body and spirit.

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Hello, I'm Heather Dennis


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Monday 10 am: Pilates Core Intelligence

Tuesday 10am: Yoga for Better Posture

Friday 10am:  Pilates Core and Strength

Sunday 11am: Yoga for Better Breathing and Relaxation 

*all times listed in Atlantic Standard Time zone*

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"My studies with Heather have given me an understanding of my own body’s quirks and tests. I have learned to recognize them and adapt my posture.  

As a 74 year old active woman I want to stay healthy and vigorous. I have nothing “wrong” just years of patterns which may not always serve me well. 

In Heather’s sessions I have come to expect ,comfort, energy and relaxation. 

I have been coming to Heather’s classes for over a decade. I cane quite debilitated about 15 years   ago following back surgery. 

I have had no serious physical problems since then. I come to learn how to recognize where I hold unnecessary  tension and how to release it in a loving way. 

I have tried Pilates. I was not comfortable with the instruction. At Heather’s classes there is a logical build up to any strenuous movement do that there is little or no force involved. I find this a brilliant way to achieve the same results."

- Hilary Kitz